Vishwaraj Sugar multi-bagger in 2022: IIFL Securities

Multibagger Stock in 2022

IIFL Securities: Vishwaraj Sugar’s new multi-bagger stock in the year 2022. IIFL specialists thought Vishawaraj Sugar Industries Share price around 50 rupees at the end of 2022.

Anuj Gupta thought Vishwaraj Sugar price double at the end of 2022. He predicts Vishwaraj Suger industries multi-bagger in 2022 with the share price of Rs50. Now Company Share Price ₹20.50 on NSE[ National Stock Exchange] and ₹20.50 on BSE[ Bombay Stock Exchange].

About Vishwaraj Sugar Industries: Vishawaraj Sugar Industries 52 weeks High is 45.80 Rupees and 52 weeks low is 19.40 rupees. The market cap. of Vishwaraj Suger industries is 368 crores. In the last quarter, Company’s total Income was 134 crores.

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Vishawaraj Sugar Industries was Founded in 1955. Vishawaraj Sugar is a small-cap company in Suger Sector. Company Management = Umesh Katti ( Chairman), Nikihil Katti ( Managing Director)

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