[Vi] Vodafone Idea Share Price from 2007

In the post, We provide Vodafone Idea [ Vi ] share price history. All-time high and low price of Vodafone idea.

idea share price history

Vodafone Idea share price history 2007 to 2022

Year  share price on 1st January
2007   103
2008   149
2009   54
2010   38
2011   43
2012   58
2013   74
2014   102
2015   103
2016   87
2017   71
2018   71
2019   23
2020   6
2021   13
2022   15

Idea share price in 2007 was 103 Rupees. Idea share price in 2003 was 149 Rupees.

Vodafone idea share price in 2020 was 6 Rupees. In January 2021 Vi share price was 13 Rupees.Vodafone&idea Share price in 3 jan  2022 was 15 Rupees.

Idea share highest price in history was 150 Rupees. Idea share lowest price in history was 3 Rupees.
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 The financial condition of Vi company

The market capitalization of Vi company is 44,396 crore. Vi third-largest company in the telecom sector.
The last one year return of Vi share is  29%. Promoters stake in this company is 72.5%.

About Company

Vi company is marge of two telecom companies {vodafone and idea}. Vi was stated in the year 2018. The company own by the Vodafone Group and Aditya Birla Group.
Do you know Vi is the third-largest telecom company in India?  Ravinder Takkar CEO of this company.

Question and  Answer about Vi Share

Q.1 Vodafone Idea good for investment?
Ans. Before investing in any company check fundamentals, Current situation, Past performance and Future Plans of the company.
Q.2  Vodafone idea highest and lowest price in history.
Ans. Vodafone idea highest price was 150 Rupees and the lowest price was 3 Rupees.
Q.3 What is the Bonus History of Vodafone Idea Share?
Ans. Vodafone&Idea does not announce any bonus in history.
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