Multibagger Stock:- Faze Three Stock gave 200% Return

Faze Three Ltd is a New Multibagger Stock in the Indian Stock market. In the year 2022, the Indian stock market is in a downtrend but The Stock gave around a 200% Return in the last 1 year.

Multibagger Stock, Faze Three Share

Faze Three stock share price in May 2021 was 96 Rupees. But Now Share price trades at 342 Rupees. Faze Company share given 200% Return in last one year. Its Stock has given an 18% return in the year 2022. The company 52 week high is 413 Rupees.

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Faze Three Is a small-cap company with a market cap of 766 Crore Rupees. The company started in the year 1985. The company operates in the textile sector. Faze Three Ltd stock is listed on BSE ( Bombay Stock Exchange).

Multibagger Stock:- If anyone invests 1 lakh rupees in Faze Three Ltd stock 1 year ago then 1 lakh would have turned into 3 lakh rupees today.

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