Havells Share price history from 1996 and Bonus History

In the post, we provide Havells share price history from 1996 to 2022 and its Bonus history.

Havells is an Electrical and Power equipment manufacturing company started in 1958. Mr Qimat Rai Gupta is the founder of Havells company.  The business is distributed all over India.

Havells Share price in 1996

Havells share price history 1996 to 2022

Havells share price in 1996 was 1 Rupee per share.
Year share price on 1st January
2002   2
2003   1
2004   4
2005   7
2006   21
2007   53
2008   71
2009   14
2010   63
2011   79
2012   95
2013   138
2014   167
2015   281
2016   381
2017   432
2018   592
2019   724
2020   665
2021   919
2022   1419

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Bonus history of Havells India

You can see Havells Bonus year and bonus Ratio.
Bonus Year Bonus Ratio
2010 1:1
2006 1:1
2005 1:1

Havells company announce 3 Bonus in History. first in 2005 ratio was 1:1.

The second bonus in 2006 was the ratio of 1:1. Last bonus in 2010 ratio of bonus share of 1:1.

Company Financial condition

Market cap:- 77,812crore

Last year’s return:- 21%

industry:-  Electrical

Shareholding:-  Promoters – 59%

listed in:- National stock exchange and Bombay stock exchange

Question and Answer about Havells company

Q.1 What was the share price of Havells in 1996?
Ans. Havells share price in 1996 was 1 Rupee.
Q.2 Bonus history of Havells.
Ans. Havells company given 3 Bonus in History. Bonus years 2005,2006 and 2010.
Q.3  Is Havells a good Buy?
Ans. Havells company is a good company for a long-term buy.
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1 thought on “Havells Share price history from 1996 and Bonus History”

  1. As per return Havells is fantastic.Return were outstanding.However IPO of Havells was at premium,listed on premium and given fantastic return. Premium of IPO may also be factored while showing final return
    Rs one lakh invested in 1996 would be more than Rs ten crore and not seventy seven crore.


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