[GMP IPO] Grey Market Premium, Live GMP & Kostak

In this post, we provide live GMP & kostak prices of IPO’s, What is Grey Market Premium & kostak rates, How to decide GMP IPO, kostak rate and Subject to Sauda. GMP IPO


IPO NameLive GMPPrice
Vedant Fashions₹10₹866
Adani Wilmar₹50₹230
Live GMP prices

Live Kostak Rates

IPO Name kostak Rate
Vedant Fashions—-
Adani Wilmar₹500
Live Kostak in GMP

Live Subject to Sauda Rates

IPO NameSubject to Sauda
Vedant Fashions ——
Adani Wilmar ₹1500
Live Subject to Sauda

What is GMP in IPO?

Grey market [GMP IPO] is the unofficial market to trade IPO applications and IPO stock before listing in the stock markets. Grey market work between IPO opening date to IPO listing date. The premium price goes up and down every day on IPO demands and supply in the grey market.

What is kostak Rate ?

Kostak Rate is the amount a seller receive to sell its IPO applications in the grey market. if you have 10 IPO applications and you sell per application at a 1000 rupees price. so you make 10000 rupees profit. Kostak rate changes many times in a day the rate change with the flow of the grey market.

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What is Subject to Sauda?

Subject to Sauda is an amount decided to sell IPO application in the grey market. If the seller gets IPO allotment then the IPO application buyer sends money in seller account and the seller sends profit or shares in buyer Demat account opposite if IPO does not allot the subject to Sauda cancelled.

Qusation and answer about Grey Market

Q.1 What is GMP IPO?

Ans. GMP full form is Grey Market Premium. Grey market premium is an unofficial market to trade IPO applications before listing in the stock market.

Q.2 What is kostak Rates ?

Ans. kostak rate is the amount the seller receives to sell its application on the grey market.

Q.3 How is GMP calculated in IPO?

Ans. GMP of an IPO is calculated by the demands and supply of IPO applications in the grey market.

Q.4 Why is GMP important in IPO?

Ans. GMP is important in IPO because in most of the cases IPO lists around grey market premium.

Q.5 Is GMP always correct?

Ans. No, sometimes GMP goes wrong on listing day.

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