7 Best stocks to buy for long term in India

In this post, we provide the best stocks to buy for the long term in India. the best stock for the long term.

List created after an analysis We can not suggest you invest in these stock. Please check companies fundamental and future plan before invest. We provide some companies list these companies give good return in past. 

Best stocks to buy for long term in India

 Best stocks to buy for a long term in India

7. Maruti Suzuki

 Full form    Maruti Suzuki India LTD
 Market cap.   2,15,582 crore
Industry   Auto-cars

Maruti started in 1981 by the government of India. But in 2003 govt. sold Maruti company to Suzuki motor corporation. Maruti Suzuki largest car company in India by market share.

Maruti Suzuki stock gives a good return in the past year. Maruti Suzuki company is an option to buy for the long term in India.
Maruti Suzuki Produsts
  • Brezza
  • swift
  • alto
  • Baleno
  • Dzire
  • Wagon R

6. ITC

 Full form    India Tobacco Company  
 Market cap.   2,53,808 crore
Industry   Conglomerate 

ITC is an Indian government company. ITC was founded in 1910 by the British Indian government. This company 110-year-old company.

ITC have many subsidiaries brands. Many of which the lead market in their segment.ITC company give bonuses much time in Past.
ITC Service
  • Consumer Goods
  • Hotels
  • Paperboards
  • Packaging
  • Agriculture
  • IT

5. Reliance

 Full form    Reliance Industries LTD
 Market cap.   14,10,526 crore
Industry   Oil refineries

Reliance Industries ltd founded by Dhirubhai Ambani in 1973. Reliance is the largest company in India by market cap. This company is a low debt company.

Reliance company stock a great option to buy for long term in India.
  • Jio 
  • Reliance Retail
  • Reliance Petroleum
  • Network 18
  • Alok Industries
  • Reliance Foundation

4. Coal India

 Full form    Coal India  LTD
 Market cap.   97,926 crore
Industry   Mining 

Coal India is a government company. Coal India started in 1975. Company head office in Kolkata, West Bengal. 

Coal  India is a good company for a long term buy. Investors choose coal India for the long term. 

3. Infosys

 Full form    Infosys LTD
 Market cap.   6,32,488 crore
Industry   IT – Software

Infosys is an Indian IT company. This company started in 1981 as an IT company. Infosys rank 2 in the IT sector.

  • Outsourcing
  • Consulting
  • IT Services

2.HDFC Bank  

 Full form    HDFC Bank LTD
 Market cap.   8,11,070 crore
Industry   Private Bank

HDFC Bank is the largest private bank in India. HDFC Bank controls by  Housing Development Finance Corporation. HDFC Bank was begun in 1994. 
HDFC Bank stock increase year by year. HDFC Bank stock give great return to its shareholder in past. If you invest in hdfc bank your money will safe and increase day by day. That is why HDFC Bank share good for buy for long term in India.
HDFC Products
  • Debit and Credit cards 
  • Mobile banking
  • Investment services
  • loans
  • Commercial banking
  • Insurance
  • Net Banking

1. TCS  

 Full form    Tata Consultancy Services
 Market cap.   12,14,417 crore
Industry   IT software

TCS rank 2nd among the largest companies in India. TCS is the largest company IT Sector company. This company own by tata sons. This company started in 1968.

TCS  company in good financial conditions.TCS company give good return and bonus in Past. TCS company stock good to buy for long term in India.
 TCS company service
  • Consulting
  • Industrial Services
  • Enterprise Soluting
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Application Development   

Questions and answer

Q.1 Which shares are best to buy for long term?

Ans.  TCS, Infosys, ITC, Reliance and  HDFC Bank shares best for buy for long term.
Q.2 Best stocks to invest in India right now.
Ans. Check the above list for the Best stocks to invest right now.

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