5 Stocks Give Multibagger Return in 2022

The year 2022 is not good for the Indian Stock market. The stock market in 2022 goes into a downtrend. But Some stocks gave Multibagger Return in 2022. In this article, you can see 5 Multibagger Stock that delivered Multibagger Return this year.

Multibagger Return

Adani Power:– On 31 December 2021 Adani power share price was 100 Rupees. But now on 25 May 2022, Adani Power Share price was 299 Rupees.52 week high of Adani Power is 343.80 Rupees. Adani Power gives Multibagger Return in 2022.

Chennai Petroleum:- The stock give around a 200% return this year. On 31 December 2021 Chennai Petroleum Share price was 103 Rupees. But on 25 May 2022 Company Share price was 294 Rupees. Chennai Petroleum is 11% Down from its 52 week High.

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Choice International:- On 31 December 2021 Choice International share price was 127 Rupees. But on 25 May 2022 Choice International Share was 341 Rupees. The 52 week high of the Company is 385 Rupees.

Gujarat Mineral Development:- The stock gives 121% return this year. The Stock Price of Gujarat Mineral on 31 December 2021 was 74 Rupees. But On 25 May 2022 Stock price was 131 Rupees. Gujarat Mineral 52 week high is 228 Rupees.

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Shanti Educational:- On 31 December 2021 Shanti Educational Share price was 95 Rupees. But On 25 May 2022 Share price was 717 Rupees. Shanti Educational Gives a 660% return this year. The 52 weeks high of the company is 956.70 Rupees.

{Disclaimer:- Before investing in a stock check stock fundamentals, financial conditions and company Future Plans.}

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