5 Debt-Free Company in Share Market

In the article, you can see a list of 5 Debt-Free Company In the Share Market. Debt Free companies are good for long term investment.

  • CDSL
Debt-Free Company CDSL

Central Depository Services Ltd is an Indian security depository company. This company is owned by the government of India. The company was started in 1997.

CDSL is a Debt-Free Company in the Share Market. CDSL market cap. 15,872 crore. CDSL held 6 million Demat accounts.

Market cap 15872 crore
  • Gillette
Debt-Free Company Gillette

Gillette India Ltd was started in 1984. The company operates in personal care products.

Gillette is a totally Debt Free company. Gillette is a large market cap company. Company market cap. 16416 crore.

NSE / BSE NSE – Gillette / BSE -507815
Market cap 16,416 crore
Debt-Free Company ITC

ITC is an Indian tobacco company that was started in 1910. ITC services customers goods, IT, agriculture etc.

ITC is Debt Free company. Company market cap. is 291,245 crore.

NSE / BSE NSE – ITC / BSE -500875
Market cap 291,245 crore

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  • Castrol
Debt Free Company Castrol

Castrol company was started in 1979. The company deals in petroleum products.

Castrol India is a Debt-free company. Castrol is a mid-cap company. Company market capitalization is 10,786 crore.

NSE / BSE NSE – CASTROL / BSE – 500870
Market cap 10,786 crore
  • P&G
Debt-Free Company P&G

P&G ( Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Healthcare ) was Started in 1964. Procter & Gamble Hygiene Sales in Healthcare products.

P&G is a debt-free company. This is a large-cap company. Company market cap. 50,052 crore.

NSE / BSE NSE – PGHH / BSE -500459
Market cap 50,052 crore

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